IDM version 4.0.1
eDirect 886

2 IDM servers ( eDirectory +IDM)

IDM01 is primary (Created new tree)
IDM02 is secondary ( Add to the IDM01 tree)

Created partition for driver set.

I have all the drivers running fine on the server IDM01. Now i wanted to
test by switching the drivers from IDM01 to IDM02.

When i try to change the driver from IDM01 to IDM02 i am not seeing the
driver properties or GCV are showing up for that driver on IDM02. Due to
this i am not able to start the driver.
iManager--> Identity Manager Overview--> driverset--> Server --> Run on

Is their any procedure i need to follow in order to switch driver from
IDM01 to IDM02?

Any help is appreciated.

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