I posted this on the "old" forums but can`t find it, so I am reposting
it here.
We have an IDM Active Directory driver on a server running Netware 6.5
and IDM 2.0. We want to move this to a new server running Suse and OES
11 64bit and IDM 3.0. So, I am guessing this wont be very
straight-forward. First I would like to know if this is even possible.
Also, would it make sense to upgrade the Netware server to IDM 3.0
before the move and then export the driver using the export driver
wizard in Imanager and import it on the new server? Or do I use the
designer (this is not available in 2.0 correct?) to assign it to another
server? Or is there a way to export the driver from the Netware server,
though it is still running IDM 2.0, and safely import it onto the server
running IDM 3.0?
I have exported the driver to another Netware server running IDM 2.0 for
testing purposes without any real issues.

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