Hello everybody.

I've build Resources which includes Entitlements value (nrfEntitlement)
to couple of Generic Loopback driver Entitlements. (Role\Resource
Mapping enable..)
Well, After User Assignment to Role (which includes resources with
entitlements..) was approved - i see that in eDir - that user did
received all of the Entitlements he should (it took just one second for
all of the entitlements to be granted\removed) and everything is just

BUT (there is always a BUT ) : because im handling these Generic
Loopback driver Entitlements within a Generic Loopback Policy, I have
noticed that every entitlement 'touch' (for every entitlement the user
had) get its own Event via the Driver . So why its bothering me?

Well: I want to start a Workflow that will report which entitlemets got
Revoked (or already revoked..) and which are being Granted (or already
been granted) and im trying to do this via "if entitlement "Sieble" is
changing , then..." and by do so im getting many Workflows as the number
of the entitlements ("Sieble" ones..) so if the user got 12 "Sieble"
entitlemets - i'll get 12 Workflows..

There is any solution?
perhaps - how can i catch only the LAST EVENT that is happening in this


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