Would anyone who has worked with the Office365 driver like to give me
any hints or lessons learned?

I am in the process of setting up the Office365 driver for the first
time and it actually looks very good. My Office365 environment is the
new "2013" version of Office365, and I seem to be running into a few
issues with setting the licenses through the entitlement. The license
name is "domain:STANDARDWOFFPACK_STUDENT", however the PowerShell
command is using just "domain:STANDARDWOFFPACK" and dropping the
"_STUDENT" has anyone seen this before?

Also, any idea if the Office365 driver can add users to mail-enabled
groups. The driver seems a bit useless if can not add users to
Mail-enabled groups. Sure it can create email for everyone, but not
manage the groups? Anyway, while the Group Entitlement sees the
mail-enabled group and attempts to add the user to the group the system
response with an error message saying to use the Exchange cmdlets. Am I
missing something, or does the Office365 driver shim just fall short on
mail-enabled groups?



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