[Background] I'm new to IDM, but am working with an inherited IDM setup.
We have a functioning but still in test Google Apps driver. I've made a
very small filter to limit the synced objects to one container
(basically, look at the DN and check for container membership). I fairly
certain this is not the issue cause (see details)

[Issue] Users sync fine, but it looks extremely likely that groups with
embedded spaces in the DN will not sync.

* The two groups without spaces sync
* The rest of the groups, all with spaces, do not sync
* A test group created with underscores, no spaces, syncs fine.
* And finally, google apps will not accept a space in creating a group
from their web admin interface.

New to IDM, it looks like XSLT is a normal method or rewriting the data
(this garnered from looking at the Google Apps driver for rewriting the
fax number). This seems clumsy and error prone for cleaning strings
here, as the names have differing word counts (and thus embedded


1) Is there a non code way to resolve this? I've looked through the GCVs
and other settings, and don't see anything applicable. Renaming is a
significant disruption.
2) Short of that, what is the recommended way to solve this in code?

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