Dear all,

auditor ask me to pay for a lot of user that results to be
inactive,disabled (loginDisabled=True) and have all the associiation
value set to migration pendig state (state #4#).
I was also told by the auditor that since they are member of an active
directory group (syncrhonized by the driver) they count as inactive user
with a valid association and must be licensed.

This sound really strange to me.

Let me also say that the EULA and VLA doesn't state nothing about how
NetIQ count the license:
I can't find any refference to DirXML-association state and value,
active or inactive usser (user that does not logon to the system for 120
continuos days) and so on.

Does any one really know how the audit coount license?
Why this information is not available to custome/system integrator ?

thanks in advance

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