Hi! our client has this scenario:
(1) Identity <--> (2) Appx Account <--> (3) Appx

- Identity objects are located on USERS container. (eDir)
- Appx Account objects are located on APPX container. (eDir)
- Appx is a external target system which receives events originated by
changes on Appx Account.

Users can change their password via User Application.. so the password
is set to (1), propagate to (2) and finally (3).
Users can change their password on Appx as well .. so the password flow
from (3) to (1)

A loopback driver control events on USERS container.
A Null Driver control events on APPX container.
APPX receives events from IDM using an API.

So, if I want to avoid loops.. which rules do i need on the Null Driver
to propagate two way password???

Thank you in advance

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