We have a security system that's an authoritative source to most attributes
in our identity vault.
It has a few attributes that are separtated as shown:
"Mobile DNP" (Do Not Publish)

Of coure a custom attribute was added to the ID vault to create these
attributes and they are used to control what people can see in the User
Application. With these pairs of attribute that have one that's "DNP", as
in this case, the person's mobile value will only exist in one of these two
attributes. The other attribute is always empty.

I have a need to get the value from either of these attributes to only one
attribute in Active Directory.
Can someone please tell me the easiest way to accomplish this request?

I'm not officially trained in IDM so my appologies if this is very easy to
do. Should I be looking to create a new custom attribute in ID Vault that
is somehow the merger of those two values? Then simply use that new
attribute to map to AD? Is there another way? How do I do this?

Thanks for any help,