I have a driver updating a timestamp attribute to check how recently the
driver edited the user. That way I can control the minimum delay between
edits since the target system has issues with repeated edits.

I have eliminated these issues with this feature but there was one case
I noticed to be very alarming. There was two identity vault edits in a
row that we're transmitted along the subscriber channel. The first edit
checked and updated back user's timestamp successfully back to idvault
but with the next edit the timestamp was not visible in the idvault when

Is it even theoretically possible that a subscriber channel operation
may not (yet) see the values written back by the previous edit operation
if there is no delay between operations? Could there be any reasons or
things to check to troubleshoot this? Maybe connection problems between
replicas? Or an old but patched edirectory relic in the ring?

The system in question consists of three servers/replicas, two of them
are quite new but one has history since edirectory 8.7.3. All of them
are patched to 8.8 SP6 v20601.19.