We are having a problem getting our GW driver to process a password
change with Universal Password policies applied on our Vault tree (it
works when the policy is on our eDir File and Print tree).

The main symptom (from our traces) would be that our GW driver
recognizes the password change and processes the rules when the policy
is on the eDir tree, but when the policy is on the Vault tree we donít
get any trace file activity at all (seems to not recognize the change).

Everything else works well with our system. Whether the policy is on
Vault or eDir, all other kinds of changes are propagated and when
applying UP changes, the Vault, eDir file and print, and Active
Directory password changes get applied (just not GroupWise with Vault

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

Our environment:

- eDir2eDir driver on the Vault (eDir drivers on both the Vault
tree/server and eDir file and print tree/server)

- Vault tree/server also has AD, Entitlements, UserApp, JDBC, Role and
Resource, Loopback, and Delimited Text drivers

- GroupWise driver on the eDir file and print tree/server

What were hoping to achieve is a working Universal Password system where
there is only one authoritative source for passwords and one application
of our password policy (the Vault) and the password changes propagate
correctly through vault, eDir, AD, and GW.

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