AD Driver change log pointer is lost and causing the driver to
resynchronize all objects from Active Directory. Can anyone please
advise on how we can reset the pointer to specific time in order to
bypass the churn but not lose today's change?
We are running IDM 4.0.1 engine and the Remote Loader's AD Driver dll is
at 3.5.14 version. We have seen this happen about 4 times in the last
few years, where this resync issue from AD happens.
Contacted NetIQ support and they directed us to the standard workaround
listed here
Unfortunately, you can only delete the pointer (change cache) as
described in this TID so the driver will be only synchronizing changes
from the delete point in time only. Also looked at thsi MS TID:

Would love to hear of any creative solutions to this issue, without
having to lose all changes and starting from scratch.

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