Problem here. I've migrated a 3.6.1 environment to 4.0.2 following the
steps provided by the migration guide (including migrating the driver
set and making it only active on the new server).

Today i noticed some strange behaviour in generating employee numbers. A
loopback driver generates this number. A new user would get employee
number X and 2 minutes later employeenumber Y. After a long search (i
could not find the setting of employee number Y in the logfiles) i
decided to access the old IDM server (that is currently still a replica
in the tree). I found dirXML still running with the loopback driver
active on that old server as well.

Needless to say i stopped dirXML on that server. Then i looked into
iManager and LDAP for the driverset association. The association is only
active on the new server so all seemed well. I suspected a hanging
process so i rebooted the old server to try and fix the situation. After
reboot the loopback driver was running again. I stopped DirXML once

How to i get the old process driver to stop. It's not in an active
driverset anymore....

Thanks in advance!

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