Any used the SAP Portal driver? I am looking at the IDM 4 packaged
version (Latest in my 4.02 AU2a build).

Looking the Output transform XSLT (NOVLPORTB-ots-OutputTransform) trying
to understand the SPML XML so I can test in SOAP UI.

I can see the Query handling and am trying to find the example XML it
generates for an SPML addRequest.

Then I see on a match of <status> it has a template that for an add
commmand (From op-data @command) (in a status?) it sends in an <addResponse>

But looking at what I can find of SPML WSDL'y things, it should be
sending <addRequest> if adding, and it gets back an <addResponse>.

You would expect <addResponse> to come back via the ITP?

I know the SAP Portal (NetWeaver) is really an SPML SOAP driver shim
wrapped as the Portal shim, and looking at an SPML SOAP driver config, I
do see what I am expecting in the OTP and can thus derive samples for
SoapUI (since I cannot seem to find a real WSDL from SAP per se).

But this has me wondering how much does the shipping SAP Portal shim
actually accomplish out of the box?