Associations to a driver keep disappearing... I am sure it is not the
driver doing the removal of this association as there is no trace of it
happening in the driver logs...
We also have Sentinel log manager installed and monitoring adding and
removing associations, but these removals are not showing up...
The modify of the attribute does not show up either.

The problem with these associations disappearing is that when there is a
change of entitlement on the object (remove entitlement) the driver sees
the event, but then sees that the object is not associated and strips
the remove entitlement and changes the modify event to an add event...
This then causes the granted entitlement value to remain in the target
DB and adds the new entitlement value, even though the rule applied says
that a person can only have one entitlement for that system.

We are using IDM 4.0.1.

Has anyone heard or seen this happen? Is there another way for us to
monitor why this is happening?

At one stage I had 12 objects with the association, I checked again 5
minutes later and they were all gone. Again, no trace of why or how...
And the users still has the same entitlements and no modify event
happened from when the associations existed to when they were

Could the value of the entitlement be an issue? Because these objects
are not related to a table in the DB I have given the association the
value of "AnAssociation" when I grant the association.

But this cant be the issue as I have done a similar thing on another
driver (same version and everything) and this problem does not

Help would be much appreciated.

Craig Cikara

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