Environment :

IDM 4.0.2
Suse Linux 11sp2 x64
eDirectory 8.8.72
eDir driver eDirectory-IDM3_6_0-v3.xml

Objects are created from Tree A to Tree B

There is no error for creating user objects, while I specify the user
container as users.TreeB

I've specified the groups object should be located in groups.TreeB

But when I create a group, it shows that

Creating RND testgroup1 in context data\company\groups

then error comes up with

Message: Code(-9010) and exception
occurred:novell.jclient.JCExcpetion:nameToID -601 ERR_NO_SUCH_ENTRY

It is really strange that why the group object cannot be located in

There is no method to specify the group container after setup the eDir
driver, can anyone pls help me?

Many thanks,


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