We have a new installation that will require us to install the Remote
Loader on a member server. IDM is version Advanced Edition.

I have read alot in this forum about the neccesary steps, and I think I
have figured them out:

1) Install RL services on the Windows Member Server
2) Add the RL configuration and secure communication between IDM Engine
and IDM RL using SSL
3) Create a SSL-cert from a CA and install on all DC's following
Identity Manager 4.0.1 Driver for Active Directory Implementation Guide
4) Install the CA's root certificate on the new Remote Loader Member
5) Enable SSL on the AD Driver
6) Change the parameter Authentication Context to a AD DNS-name of a DC
that we want the RL to talk to

My issue is with how to create the SSL-cert in step three. Our
eDirectory server is our CA. I have reveiwed section 2.3.2 Encryption
Using SSL, in the documentation. We will be using the Three-Server
setup. In step one under Creating, Exporting, and Importing
Certificates, it talks about the requirements for the certificate to be
installed on the domain controller. This is where I get lost.

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