I have an idvault in which I have 2 driver sets, one at 3.6.1 and the
other at 4.0.2, with RBE and LB configured in the 4.0.2 driver set.
eDir is 8.8.7.

I have had a lot of problems where once a user object has been
evaluated, it will never update or pick up new entitlements based on
changes to the user causing it be re-evaluated. Even if I manually
re-evaluate the user, it will not "recognize" the user's differences and
update appropriate entitlements. The only way I am able to get the
user to be properly updated is to delete all of their
DirXML-EntitlementRef and DirXML-EntitlementResult values, then
re-evalutate the user and then it will get all the proper RBE
assignments it should be getting.

We have RBE running in other 3.6.1 trees and have not had this problem,
as it seems to be solely with our only 4.0.2 RBE usage. The 4.0.2 LB
has the same default Subscriber EntitlementsCommandTransform and
EventTransformation policies as my 3.6.1 LB's.

I'm guessing it is something like I have missed a policy or setting
somewhere that is discarding transactions because of optimization or
something to that effect. Can anyone point me in the right direction
to find my issue ? I'll attempt to attach both the RBE and LB


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