Dear all,

I am new to netiq idm product line. Recently, I have to test some basic
functionalities for my company.
The task is to show them that AD user/group are able to sync with MSSQL
2008 table users/groups.
I've read through docs and did some research, I am still confused..
So, here is the idea.

AD to IDM sync is functional. Add a user will create the same one on
However, I am still strugggling on sync with SQL.

Table 1 : dbo.grp
Colume : grp_id, grp_name

Table 2 : dbo.usr
Colume : usr_id, fname, lname

1. I set up configuration through iDesigner (Basic Config, SQL server
info, indirect, triggerless)
2. Configure Filter and Schema Mapping policy

Then, any suggestion to do match, create, placement? (I've tried many
"Thought", but never started driver successfully.....)
Error SS :

Any advise? Really thanks for helping.

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