So, I have a situation where users are not created on system by IDM but
by another system that is connected to IDM. However, IDM does handle
certain entitlements (like license) to the system. I have created the
necessary scripts etc. so the entitlement issue is solved.

There is a small problem however: User creation is not instant in that
system. So if someone gives user license in IDM before that user is
appears in target system (there might be 24 hour delay), the target
system will inform that it cannot find the user (so target system cannot
queue the events). And I would like to be able to process other events
between the fail & success (as it can take time to success). This means
I need a way in IDM side to delay that event.

My first plan was to simply return retry status. That didn't work out as
I had hoped, IDM will simply keep retrying that event while queue is

Next up I was thinking of trying to find some way to requeue the event
(as in, send it end of the queue). This doesn't seem to be simple
either. One possible way could saving the original event document in
driver space variable, send warning event when the change fails, submit
the document using Java back to driver (possibly dxcmd). Finally delete
the driver variable.

Third way would probably be work orders. Watch for entitlement on
driver, create workorder that is set to expire right now, use workorder
submit the actual document to original driver & check status (driver
should send error if it cannot add user). If it's success/warning, set
status as configured. If it's not, update DirXML-DueDate by whatever
retry interval (like 30 min).

I don't really want to go JMS/similar route, so let's rule that out if

Other than those, does anyone come up some better way or could recommend
which of those two I should implement?

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