Situation is a heavily geographically distributed NDS tree migrating to
a new AD domain, which will lack the geographical content.
In eDir there are numerous groups with the same name in different
locations eg


in AD the requirement is to end up with a single AD group, eg

cn=myGroupA,ou=groups, dc=domain

What's biting me at the moment is that when the group has been created
in AD then it is, of course, associated with say mygroupA.location1, so
an event from mygroup1.location2 fails to match saying already

I don't believe I have a need to sync any changes in AD back to the eDir
groups, so is the simplest solution just going to be to blow away all
associations as a matter of course, or is there a better option? I note
GeoffC talking about some very complex stuff involving structured
attributes, but at the moment I can't see a need to do any really tricky
stuff like trying to maintain a list of objects in AD...

Jim C

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