I have 2 drivers that connect to the same system but in different ways
and for different reasons. One is a JDBC driver that just reads and
populates a few attributes on users. The other is a SOAP driver used to
assign permissions within the application via the API that was created.
What I'd like to know is if I could read some specific values from the
JDBC driver (in this case it would be the departmental permission set
that is maintained in the remote app) but have it populate the
entitlement values on the SOAP driver. Since the API I was given
doesn't have this functionality, I am currently just using administrator
defined values, but I would much prefer to have something dynamic so I
would have to worry about missing any additions or changes.

Is this even feasible? If so, how would I go about reading the values
on one driver but using it to populate the list of entitlement values on
the other?

Let me know if anyone has any insight on if this is possible and how I
might accomplish it!!



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