Hello fellow IDM folks,

I have just upgraded an IDM solution to 4.0.2 and now it's time to
integrate our Groupwise 2012 to the IDM. The IDM is running on a
SLES11SP2 64 bit and the GW2012 is also running on a SLES11SP2 64bit.
Now I know the GW2012 is running as 32bit, even though it is on a 64bit
machine. I've read the installation guide and a bunch of documents, yet
i still have a couple of questions before I start.

1. Earlier you needed to install a new server and install GW 8 on this,
to be able to integrate your IDM solution with a GW2012. I mean have the
IDM syncronize with the GW8 and the GW8 syncronize with the GW2012. Is
this still needed, or can I simply integrate directly with the GW2012? I
know this means installing a 32bit remote loader on the IDM engine
server and have the driver talk to that.

2. Some say that it is a good idea to create a new GW domain, and have
the IDM integrate with that one, so if something goes wrong, and the IDM
corrupts this domain, you still have the backup. Do you recommend adding
a second GW domain?

Thanks in advance,


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