So I have a SLES10 with GW2012 on it and I'm attempting to integrate it
with my IDM 4.0.2. I'm planning to run a remote loader on the GW2012
server and the driver on that server aswell. I have installed the remote
loader and the driver using the IDM 4.0.2 media and also installed the
Novell Client for SLES10. So far so good. Now, according to this guide:


I need to configure the remote loader manually, with a config file. I've
created one that looks like this:

-commandport 8000
-connection "port=8090"
-tracefile /root/Desktop/gwremoteloader.txt
-module "?"
-trace 3

In the guide it says the following:

1. Using the Identity Manager media, install the Remote Loader on the
target machine.
2. Copy the .so file or the .jar file containing the Identity Manager
application shim onto the target machine.
3. Place .jar files in the dirxml/classes directory under the lib
directory (e.g.,$DXML_PATH/dirxml/classes).

Now I have 3 problems:

1. There are tons of .so files on the 4.0.2 media. None are named in a
way that it is obvious that it is the one. It also says I that I can use
the .jar file. Same problem. Tons of .jar files and I have no idea what
class to look for in it.
2. The guide tells me to place the .so or .jar file in the
"dirxml/classes directory under the lib directory". There are two of
those: /usr/lib/dirxml/classes &
3. Just for fun, I copied one of the random .so files from the media,
and used the -module parameter. I got this error: Unrecognize command
line option '-module'

Any idea how to solve this?


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