Hello all,

We believe we've found a bug where our UMROOT-AD and Google Apps drivers
very occasionally drop a new user's password after the
NOVLPWDSYNC-sub-ctp-TransformDistPwd policy is applied.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this? Is anyone aware of an
existing bug report for it?

Here are more details:

We are seeing this about 1-2 times per month

* The user's add transaction does include a password value (suppressed
in the trace)
* After NOVLPWDSYNC-sub-ctp-TransformDistPwd, the password attribute is
represented as <password/> with no contents
* The user add transaction is sent to the target system (AD, Google)
with a null value, causing problems downstream
* We have no idea what the passwords are, so we don't know what's
triggering the failure

A trace with the document before NOVLPWDSYNC-sub-ctp-TransformDistPwd
and then after is here: http://pastebin.com/MvASHfV5

Thanks for any help or info.


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