Hello, again everone,

The new task for me is to sync with Lotus Notes/Domino.
First of all, I am also new to Notes/Domino, But I found that the basic
idea of user/group isn't too hard to understand.

First of all, Lotus 8.5.3 seems not available anymore. The new version 9
comes in. So I decide to try it.
After setting up everything, like
1. ACL permission to names.nsf
2. Copy ndsrep and dsrepcfg.ntf to C:\Program Files\IBM\Domino and
3. Copy Notes.jar to RL lib folder
4. create folder Deny for disabled users in Domino
5. During driver config, I setup Notes Driver User ID File (Here I
choose admin.id, this is the admin user account, am I right?)
6. And setup cert.id path
7. And most likely default config, except those hostname and domain

So after all, I started the driver. But of course things are never that
easy at the beginning. The driver stops right afters.
So I think I am missing something
Any ideas?? Appreciate for the help

From RL, Log file http://tinyurl.com/m5elj3c

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