I have IDM 4 running AD driver 3.5.5 connecting to a Remote Loader
instance. I have configured the driver to provision Exchange accounts.
I have the .NET Framework 3.5, Exchange Manager Tools (Management
Console and Management Shell) installed as well as the
IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service. All of these components are configured according
to the documentation. The service is NOT running as a local account,

I have the homeMDB attribute set to "defer" in the driver. I can see
all of the information coming over in the Remote Loader trace, including
the homeMDB "defer" value. However, when the user is created, that
attribute is not set. When I use an actual Exchange Home MDB DN its
value is set for the user. I assume that the shim intercepts the
"defer" setting in order to determine the load balancing.

The big problem is that nothing happens after that. No Exchange account
is created and the user's homeMDB, homeMTA, and other expected
attributes are not set. I don't see anything in the level 4 trace that
shows any calls made by the IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service service. No errors
are reported. All events report "success". I've also checked the
Windows event logs... nothing.

Is there any way I can further troubleshoot the process?

Is there another log file somewhere?

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