Using IDM4.0.2
runs on Suse 11sp2 x64

I set the AD attribute otherPager to carry OU (department) info

One staff can belong to several departments, say, one can be a staff of
department ISO and ITS

then the value in NDS is

ou = ITS
ou = ISO

if the value sync to AD by AD driver, then the value are

otherPager = ITS
otherPager = ISO

It is ok for my coding to sync the values from NDS to AD, however, I
have to clear the otherPager values if there is any change for OU

My coding is

clear destination attribute value ("otherPager", class name="User")

if (conditions (and (if source attribute 'ou' not available) ) , actions
(break () ) )

set local variable ("lv.ou", nodeset (Source Attribute ("OU") ) )

for each (nodeset (Local Variable ("lv.ou") ) , actions (add destination
attribute value ("otherPager", Local Variable ("current-node") ) ) )

The clear destination attribute value can only clear single value
attribute, but cannot do it for multi-value attribute, how can I do it?

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