Dear all,

These days I am trying to sync/modify HTTPPassword to Notes 9.0
I still can't figure out why "Default Password Value" is able to be set,
but not abot to modify HTTPPassword.

I pretty much setup driver with default configurations, except some
modifications to match Domino setting.
User/Person sync seems ok. I know the driver doesn't support password
sync in publish channel tho.

I think the problem would be Command-Transfrom in Sub channel. Still
stuck at old/new password....
I did some research in the forum. Driver should be able to modify
HTTPPassword at least. So I could log in iNote Web Access.
Also once user id password is set. Driver can't modify it, unless use
Adminp via console command.
Anyways, tried many ways. No result yet. Any suggestion please??

I just quickly upload a RL logs.
Please help to review. Thanks a lot.

BTW, "BOSS" asked me if I could try insert a password value somewhere
when creating a user in Domino? so make "Password" clear text to be able
to publish via transform policy?
Is it possible?

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