Our network folks were performing a core switch upgrade this weekend
that left our IDM servers unable to reach outside for several hours.
When connectivity was restored, I was surprised to see that our Google
Apps drivers had terminated with a Fatal status processing an event
instead of a Retry status. Our other drivers all continued to issue
Retries and gracefully reconnected once connectivity was restored.

That nature of the connectivity disruption was total and the engine
server wouldn't have even been able to do a DNS lookup on the Google API
servers while it was disconnected, so perhaps the behavior would have
been different if it could look up the name but simply could not
connect? Unfortunately I don't have a trace handy since our production
systems don't run at Level 3, but the conditions should be easy enough
to reproduce.

I am running the latest posted version of the shim from Patch Finder (21
April 2013 - It's a relatively minor issue but I thought I
should report it. Working as designed or defect?


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