Hi guys,

I have an issue with SOAP driver running IDM V4.02.

We have an integration based on SOAP calls, which works fine. But we
also wants to make sure nobody changes data in the connected system. To
handle that the appliction
have a changelog that we poll every x number of minuets thru a
webservice call. This also works fine, i get a list of changes that i
loop thru. Then lets say the user name is wrong
in the application data, what can i do smartest in order to resync the
user in the connected system from the Publisher channel to the
Subscriber channel.

I have trive to set up a query-ex hoping it would go the output
transform on the subscriber channel, and then catch it here and reformat
the call to a setuser instead, but when
using query-ex it just post directly to the subscriber shim without
giving me a chance to reformat it. I have enabled Query-ex support on
the driver configuration page.

I know i can make a WorkOrder object and listen to the WorkToDo object
on the subscriber channel but this seems a bit clumsy.

Any ideas out there ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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