We are using an LDAP driver to connect to eDirectory.
I am trying to move a user object in the target tree from one container
to another.
The operation is a result of a move operation in the IDV(metadirectory)
tree. The target 'ou' does not have an association.

As per the some older forum posts, I have specified the target 'ou' as
'Associaition' instead of 'DN'.
Still I get the "No association for parent" error. I can see that the
parent element and it's association shows up in the trace.
But just after it submits the operation to the shim, it gives this
error. I also get an LDAP referral Error after this - also, the match
RDN only shows the topmost organization.

I don't have access to the system right now so cannot post the trace and

My question is - am I placing the 'move' user policy in the wrong
location? I placed it in command transformation and then tried to place
it in Output transformation - just to see if the parent and the
association was being stripped of somewhere.
Any other pointers to the problem will be appreciated as well.


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