I posted a query a few days ago. This time I am re-phrasing it and
posting it.
I have an LDAP driver to connect to eDirectory. Someone please just tell
me how you are moving objects around the OU's. What is the best
approach? Do you use renames? Or do some modifications on the
associations and then work ?
This has been taking a long time to implement - for something really

The problem is - the move object option does not work(I was successful
with this on the AD driver though!).

I am doing this in the subscriber command transformation:
'move dest object to new OU's dn' and then veto
This gives me nds error - etc etc etc

The I tried giving the DN as association(based on some forum posts),
again no change. The error type changes and it does not work and
complains no association for the parent DN.

Then I tried the Rename option as well but not been successful with
associations getting messed up and all of that.

Any help is greatly appreciated now.


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