Yesterday we had a curious Problem with the ID Provider. We have several
clients using the idprovider.jar to create an ID, but suddenly this
request failed with the response:

idm2:~ # /opt/novell/jdk1.6.0_31/bin/java -classpath
com.novell.idm.idprovider.IDClient -h xxx -p 1199 -o GOESTERN -t 3 -c
14:24:33 IDClient: Error getting ID from server at "xxx"
14:24:33 IDClient: ID: -1

The server running the idprovider driver (idm1) was listening on that

idm1:~ # netstat -tulpen | grep 1199
tcp 0 0 :::1199 :::*
LISTEN 0 2224784 8313/ndsd

and the same idprovider.jar request as on idm2 succeeded on idm1. From
idm2 we could connect via telnet to port 1199 on idm1. We spoke with our
network specialists and they assured that this can't be a firewall
thing. Especially as they are in the same subnet.

I noticed the option "Trace level: Select On to enable the ID Provider
trace level, not the driver trace level." on the idprovider driver
configuration but can not find an associated log file. Also the driver
level 3 trace did not show anything related.

Finally we stopped the driver on idm1 and started it on idm2 and now its
working fine ?!

- eDirectory
Binary Version: 20701.48
Root Most Entry Depth: 0
Product Version: eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP7 [DS]

- Identity Manager 4.0.2
- idprovider Driver Version 3.6.1

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help
Bjrn Braunschweig

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