rohit_everett;230676 Wrote:
> -----------------------
> I guess you got me wrong there. Sorry if I was ambiguous.
> I am moving an object from one OU to another !!
> I thought it was simple. Does not look like so !!

It's me who needs to apologies, I read your post too quickly and thought
you meant moving an OU.
Moving other objects (like a user) is definitely possible. You don't
have the same limitations as I described for moving OUs.

We need to see a bit more of the trace (for example, the level 3 trace
on the driver shim side). What you have posted looks OK to me.

You say you tried using the association (which is the correct approach
as far as I understand it). Did your rule look something like this?

<description>Handle moves</description>
<comment xml:space="preserve">Handle OU movement in eDir in case a
user object moves in IDVault</comment>
<if-class-name mode="nocase" op="equal">User</if-class-name>
<if-operation mode="case" op="equal">move</if-operation>
<do-move-dest-object when="after">
<token-map dest="DN" src="City"
<token-attr name="city"/>

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