Hello Friends,

I am facing issue with Novell IDM 402 Advance(integrated) installation
on Windows 2008 R2.

1. Through installer i installed(fresh) all the component on Windows
2008 R2 (except Reporting)
2. Now , at the time of configuration i provided all info. But at the
last it gave error - 'RBPM has not configured'

below is the ii_configure log-

"cmd" /c del ""
"C:\Users\<user_Loged_in>\AppData\Local\Temp\\rbpm _userapp_admin.ldif"
exitValue = 1

"C:\Users\<user_Loged_in>\Desktop\Identity_Manager _4.0.2_Windows_Advanced\products\RBPM\JBossPostgre SQL.exe"
-DIA_USER_JRE_HOME="C:\Novell\IdentityManager\jre" -i silent -f
"C:\Users\user_Loged_in\AppData\Local\Temp\\rbpm_p ostgresql_configure.properties"
exitValue = 1

it seems there is some password issue for postgres sql, i am not sure.
How to process now. I have given complex password for postreeSql also.

I am sure someone has faced it.. This issue will appear if any one try
to install. I am doing this on a VM server.

Amit Singh

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