I am trying to trigger an event in a connected AD, based on events
happening on an object of class 'Computer' in eDirectory:

dn: cn=DVAD12346,ou=Active,ou=Devices,ou=Identities,o= Dude
objectClass: Computer
objectClass: Device
objectClass: DUADUser
objectClass: DUDevice
cn: DVAD12346
description: location if stationary, department if mobile.

Computer and Device ObjectClasses are from the default schema, where
Computer has 'Device' as SUP, same concept as with group and dynamicGroup.

I cant get the event to pass the filters, which are:

<filter-class class-name="Computer" publisher="sync" subscriber="sync">
... attributes

<filter-class class-name="Device" publisher="sync"subscriber="sync">
... attributes

So I tried both structural classes. Both dont work.

I have other objects (dynamicGroup) in the very same context, which
works fine, so its not a rights issue.

Before I create my own Structural Class: Has someone an idea what else I
can check? What would be the best ndstrace switch to 'peek' between the
engine and the filter?