mvreijn;51091 Wrote:
> I have done this (a long time ago) for a customer.
> I used a loopback driver that set needed attributes, and called a java
> class to create the keys etc. The Novell Kerberos API is available to
> find out all the needed calls etc.
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> mvreijn
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This thread is a little old, but i need exactly the same:

I connected a OpenLDAP system to our eDirectory, as a destination
system. I used a LDAP driver for this connection.

The userPasswords are transported using nspmDistributionPassword. So i
have a SSHA hashed password in the destination system (OpenLDAP).

Now we want to use Kerberos on the OpenLDAP.

Did someone know how i can transfer the userPasswords i allready have to
the needed attributes for Kerberos (krbPrincipalKey, krbPrincipalName)?
It would be great if i could do this within the driver at the moment the
user will be created. But i could use other methods as well.

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