In our implementation, we have a business logic driver, using a NULL
base driver. This driver handles all IDM internal business rules.
We have a situation where I need to notify a user if one of their
attributes are missing or wrong, and give him 90 day for correcting the
information. If he doesn't do that, we must disable the user.
The traditional solution would be creating a policy in the business
driver to send the notification and creating a work order scheduled to
verify the correction and disable the user, but in this case, business
logic will be divided, with the notification being issued in business
driver, and the validation and post actions (disabling) in the work
For keeping the business logic organized, I would like to allow the work
order driver just submit the user object to the business logic driver
when the time is up, in the same way a job do, so I can keep all
business rules together and organized.
Does anybody knows a good way for doing that?

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