We are using IDM 3.6.1 Driver for scripting which runs on a SLES 10. SP
2 to communicate with a driver names AMPIDV-to-ZLM which runs on a SLES
11 server as part of our Cloud solution. It seems like the AMPIDV-to-ZLM
driver is keep getting some unprocessed events from the the IDM 3.6.1
Driver for scripting and as it fails remaining events are not getting
processed. Once this issue had happened we were able to put a hold on
such event and remaining events got processed. We used following command
to put "Hold" on the event as mentioned in the link given below.

cd /opt/novell/usdrv/bin
usclh -t status -e <Event_ID> -m -1


Same command is not working this time that events are not getting
cleared. Is there a way to clear those events?


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