I know this is a little bit a silly question because we have that
configuration in place since many years and now I have a problem and
analyze the logs for a couple of hours and I'm still not sure what

Simplified description of our environment:

Source edir contains 400 partitions
200 on the first and 200 on the second server (no overlapping
edir driver from the first server to the meta directory
edir driver from the second server to the meta directory

meta directory contains just one partition
both edir drivers run on the same server

bidirectional data synchronization between the two edirs

Now the problem:

I have a user that is synced from the source to the meta directory
through the first driver. When I move that user to the second on what
happens with it ? Our problem is that once we move the user it gets a
new GUID in the meta directory, that is synced to a AD ..... and we have
to prevent it from generating a new GUID. For me it looks like a delete
/ create (sync) event is generated in the meta directory.

From what I see from the traces is the following:

1. a sync (from_move = true) event on the second driver (where I move
the user into a partition)
2. a start transaction and then immediately a "Discarding transaction
because entry was deleted" on the first driver

Has anybody a short description on what exactly happens after the other
when I move a user from one scope to the other ?


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