We use the idm 4.0.2 and the identity vault runs on eDir 8.87x.

One eDir driver for sync the account / password from the identity vault
One AD driver for sync the account (one way) from identity vault to AD /
password bidirectional , and there are 4 ways for our users to change

The 4 ways are :-

Ctrl + alt + delete, (Windows),
from web interface,(i.e. from owa),
Operator reset,

We are not going to get for the password, we just want to know when,
where and who triggered the password change. How can I grep them, say,
any key words for the change password activity.

I've enabled the default logs and the log level is set to 3. What I
should log in more detail so that I can get the related info?

Besides, how can I rotate the logs daily?



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