Good afternoon everyone,
I have read through the forums a bunch looking for a possible solution
to this answer and I am sure its simple. What I have is a prehire user
that comes through and gets an ExchangeEntitlement so they can get a
mail box and its all set up before they start. If the Manager does not
want this person to get email before they start they can go in and call
a work flow that revokes the exchangeEntitlement and the email box is
all removed. The problem I have, they get one last check by HR and they
update a attribute and it gets a new entitlement and run back through
the driver to update and put the user in a useable state. Well, my
problem when they are put back a second time they are getting the email
box again because it see's it as not available and it re-issues it
because technically it should have one.

What I am thinking, I want to test the entitlement, if its revoked then
not reissue it, for some reason I could not get it work. I have done "If
entitlement is equal to" does not work, I am open to suggestions on how
to handle this, specifically, if the entitlement is in the revoked
state. In the past we were just removing the entitlement, so now we are
going down the path of granting and revoking entitlements.

Thank you very much for your time and suggestions

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