Hi all: Due to some issues with one of our servers I have had to recreate my eDir-to-MSActiveDirectory IDM setup. But it has been soooo long since I worked on this that I have forgotten more than I still remember. We are running OES2 SP3, MS Server 2008 SP2, and I am making use of IDM 3.6.1.

I have the Driver_Set all setup and now I need to add in the eDir-2-MAD driver. However, I want synchronization to be in only one direction, namely eDir into AD. I do not want any changes in AD to propagate back into eDir, including deletion of objects. Furthermore I want a flat sync into AD. In essence AD should be a duplication of eDir, albeit flat. So this is where I get stupid. I cannot remember which channel needs to be modified and which filter settings to turn off, all to prevent changes in AD from migrating back into eDir.

Thanks for the help, Chris.