IDM 3.6.1 syncying from eDir 8.8.3 to AD on Server 2003 R2

Works fine.

Now I had a little disaster, and 4 of my admin users got deleted in AD,
which propagated very quickly to eDir
Users gone!

Quick Arcserve restore job & users are back in eDir

But now I can not sync them to AD.

I try to do it manually from the driver, no dice, no error on Remote
Loader, nothing

OK, so I change the password of the user in C1, that should make the
account in AD

But no, no account created & only this message appear in the debug log:

Could not set password via platform call. Err=2221 (user not found)

Obviously no user found, that is the whole point, I want the user to be

What are my options now?


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