hi there,

im fiddling around with a problem with a user coming in on publisher
(ad > edir). a match is found and attributes are merged. i then want
policies in command transform to do things if the event was a merge.

<if-xpath op="true">.[@from-merge='true']</if-xpath>

this does work, when that users attributes do have different values in
AD and eDir (
) if they are the same (same values) the event is not further processed.

read geoffs 2 articles about the filter, and thought, changing to
on one of those would solve the problem, but it did not.

after that i tried to change the value of an op-attr i know is in every
operation (surname) in event transform and removing that in
command-transform to be sure values in edir and ad dont match. but
thats messy.

anyone can think of a more elegant solution/strategy to get those "no
attrs of interest get changed, but i want to force the thing into
cmd-transform - EVENTS"?

thanks in advance for your input, florian

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