I am in a situation where I need to upgrade IDM from 3.6.1 to 4.0.2. I
am no IDM expert but know my way around our existing system and daily
operations/support. Novell is but one responsibility of mine so I need
some help making sure I cover all bases on this topic.

Firstly: Our IDM System was build by someone who left the company but
are at least well documented. It is currently on version
3.6.1/SLES10sp1-2 with OES2sp2. It consist of a central vault with two
dedicated servers/driver sets. One driver set is for the corporate trees
(where administrations happens) and the other set is for the application
trees (LDAP Servers - pure eDir 8.8.5) also 2 remote loaders for AD and
a JDBC connector to the Destiny HR System. Two of the APP Trees
connected to the "master" vault are vaults themselves split into
Development and Acceptance with LDAP servers branching down from there
with another vault in between. It is very complex. Here is a basic view
of the process:

http://tinyurl.com/mnz45dj . The red arrows explains the identity flows.
Light Gray is the LDAP Trees and the dark gray are LDAP/ID Vaults.

I have to take a phased approach. Obviously upgrading the IDM system to
4.0.2 on the existing x86 SLES10 base starting from the "master" vault
working my way through the entire system. Once that is done and tested
start adding Redhat servers to the mix and transferring the IDM
functions over to them. Will this work obviously counting on IDM 4's
backwards compatibility?

Any suggestions or help will be very welcome. I am sure the picture will
explain a lot.

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