Hi all,

We've been using IDM to sync from eDir to AD for about 10 years now
without really any problems. Recently, we wanted to add a new attribute
to sync over from eDir to AD, and I'm having a heck of a time getting it
to work. In the past, we've added additional attribs to sync without a
problem, but they've always been attributes tied to the regular user
classes. However, this is a custom millikinPerson class that we've
created in eDir. (And yup, the OID is custom just for Millikin, we
requested our own, so we don't have to worry about conflicts.)

Basically, I have a muRole attrib of the millikinPerson class that I'm
trying to get over into AD. I created a new millikinPerson auxillary
class in AD, and assigned it a muRole attribute, and that all seems
fine. I've set things up in IDM according to the NetIQ documentation,
but for some reason, nothing that I do seems to make IDM want to sync
this attribute. I can create new users, change users, etc., and
everything syncs over except for this attrib. It's not even referenced
in the level 3 trace that I've got going in our IDM environment.

Here are some links to screenshots and a copy of the IDM log:

IDM log file: http://admin.millikin.edu/~cmyers/idm/idm_log.txt
Schema map pic: http://admin.millikin.edu/~cmyers/idm/schema_map.png
Driver filter xml: http://admin.millikin.edu/~cmyers/idm/filter.xml
Driver filter pic: http://admin.millikin.edu/~cmyers/idm/filter.png

Is there any way that I can figure out why it doesn't like this? We're
using IDM 3.6.1 on OES 2 SP3/SLES10.


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