I have a matching rule in the publisher channel in a JDBC driver that
checks for matching objects based on the givenname and surname in the
identity vault. Whenever there is a match the local variable
*error.do-find-matching-object* gets set with the src-dn of the matched
object and the dest-dn of the incoming object as &#FFFC; for a single
match as shown in the trace. Now I have a condition where I have to
handle this exception and update the attributes of the matched object in
the identity vault with the new values of the incoming object.
1. How can I do that?
2. How can get the value of the local variable
error.do-find-matching-object? I have tried if
error.do-find-matching-object is available, then print its value. But i
always get FALSE in the trace even when there is a match.

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