Hello, I am attempting to use the Query Noun but having some issues
getting it working. How would I pull all users under the
ou=person,ou=container,ou=vault,o=company eDirectory container that have
an attributeOne populated? I have tried several things but havenít
found the right combination yet. If the max result count is specified
then does it return the specified amount even if there are more than
the max? Is there a way to know if there are more than the max result
count and if so how do you capture that? Below is my current XML.

<token-query datastore="src" scope="subtree">
<token-global-variable name="PersonOU"/>
(value: ou=person,ou=container,ou=vault,o=company)
<arg-match-attr name="attributeOne"/>
<token-attr name="attributeTwo"/>

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