We need to read XML messages from a database into our Identity Vault.
I have just started investigating ways of doing it.

The XML message contains several field name/value pairs, all contained
in one field in the database.

I have not used the JDBC driver before, but from what I have read, it
should not be a problem to connect to the database from IDM and then
read the field containing the XML.

After reading the field containing the XML message, the message needs to
be parsed to extract the fields and matching values.
Based on business logic applied on the field values, an object in the
vault will need to be created/updated.

Can this all be done using only the JDBC driver?
I know IDM can parse XML from text file, but the volume of data in this
case will be high. Writing every XML message out to file first will not
be practical.

Any suggestions or links to the relevant documentation to read?

Thanks in advance.

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